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Cosmic Legions Hvalkatar: Book One Zeeri Figure

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  • 6 inch (15.24cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Most figures have 30 points of articulation
  • Name- Full: Zeerian Spyre
  • Race: Zuvan/Zuvanoid
  • Affiliation: GraveRing / The Mortal Thorn
  • Planet of Origin: Theerius

Once a famous bioengineer on her homeworld of Theerius, Zeeri rejected the unwanted celebrity status that was thrust upon her. Known for her breakthrough discovery of the regenerative formula eventually known as Thryxium, she disappeared from sight when her discovery was forcefully taken away and used for motives that were less-than-benevolent.  

Zeeri’s disillusionment over the loss or her discovery led her to seek solace among the ranks of the controversial and illusive organization known as The Mortal Thorn. Although her association with The Thorn eventually led to her incarceration, it was that very experience which prepared her for survival within the lethal halls of Hvalkatar.


  • Zeeri figure
  • 2 Head sculpts
  • Mask
  • Sniper rifle
  • 2 Pistols
  • Effect piece
  • Cloak